Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting at Richmond Hearing Doctors

Once your hearing aid(s) has arrived in our office, we will program the instrument(s) to your specific needs. We will explain the care and use of your instruments and proper insertion.

Our hearing aids are fit on a 40-day trial period. During this time we work with you to program and adjust them to make sure the hearing aids are providing the benefit you expect.

Between 1 day to 2 weeks after the hearing aid is ordered, the patient will return to the office for the hearing aid fitting (HAF). During the fitting the audiologist will place the hearing aids on the patient and check the fit. Then the audiologist will program the hearing aids to the patients hearing loss using a wireless programmer. During this process, the patient will be hearing and responding to questions the audiologist will ask about how the hearing aids sound and the adjustments will be made to the hearing aids based on the patient’s feedback. The audiologist will then show the patient how to use and care for the hearing aids as well as how to insert and remove them from the ears. The patient will practice and demonstrate what they learn so they are able to perform these tasks when they get home. The patient will be given an instruction manual, cleaning tools, batteries and a case in which to store their hearing aids. For someone who is new to hearing aid use, this appointment can take up to an hour.