Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing Aid Evaluation at Richmond Hearing DoctorsFollowing hearing testing, when hearing loss is present, a hearing aid evaluation will be performed. We will determine which type of hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs, including the style and technology. This choice should reflect your needs, preferences, and budget. Your lifestyle, activities, physical limitations, cosmetics and preferences will be considered when making recommendations for features and options.

We offer a wide variety of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers.

Advances in technology are finally eliminating most of the problems that have previously been difficult to overcome. Almost all hearing aids are 100% digital. This means that the hearing aid’s sophisticated circuitry can reduce background noise, reduce occlusion (that plugged sensation that can occur when hearing aids are worn), automatically adjust the volume and shift between programs and features.

Once a hearing aid is selected, a hearing aid fitting appointment will be scheduled to pick up your device(s).